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LOOK WHAT THIS GUY SAID: "Frank, I received the turkey on 01/28/10. The turkey was in great shape, it's very nice and huge. I found just the spot for it. You do excellent work, this turkey is beautiful. If anyone is looking for any taxidermy items I will give them your web-site information. Thank you so much, Michael Purdy, Belleville, IL-62223."

nr.1: After experimenting different methods I finally developed a system that allows to remove antlers from a mount and replace them with another set. So, let's say you got a nice deer this season and would like to have it mounted. But next year you get a bigger deer and there is no more room on the wall for another mount. Well, it's easy, just remove the old antlers from your old mount and slap on the new set of antlers. This also comes handy when moving to another location, it makes it easier to pack the head and the antlers separately. Needless to say you only want to use this with big antlers. It is only $50 more than a normal mount, and that still means you get your mount with nice detailed work, removable antlers, tanned hide, treated with bug prevention... for $50 less than the average market (which of course does not include any of these).

nr.2: Finnaly I added two new sections here: FOR SALE and HUNTING PICS. Have a look.

nr.4: Turkey fans with complete reconstruction. No fat, no meat to spoil, they will last forever. $100 fan and beard. $120 fan + beard + feet/ price includes wood panel.


Hello!. Welcome to my site. My name is Frank.

I started mounting birds in 1975, when in high school. Right here you can see one of the first birds I mounted.


Since then I mounted probably a few thousand more. I am a professional wildlife biologist, a hunter and a taxidermist. After studying animals for 5 years in Europe (for a medical veterinary degree) and 3 more years in Canada (master's degree in biology) I kind of have an idea about animal anatomy.

What you can get with me is a nice mount for less than the average price. This includes the panels for shoulder mounts and all the woodwork for the birds and small mammals. The wood is nicely finished with polyurethane and the back is professionally lined with felt so it will not damage your wall. Also, I do detailed work on all deer heads, like veins on the face and neck muscles. Here is a recent picture of me finishing a deer:


And here is a friend from Canada who came to learn how to mount turkeys:


Thank you for visiting and please take a few moments to look at some of my recently completed work.

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Price List

Just for you to get an idea, here is the price for the most common mounts:

 Deer shoulder mounts - $420 - includes a nice panel as seen in the pictures. Ready to go on your wall, or $400 with no panel.

 Small life-size mammals - $450 (including pedestals or bases).

 Turkeys (standing, flying, gobbling) - $450

              (strutting) - $500 - all woodwork included

 Ducks and upland game birds - $180 with panels or bases as seen in the pictures.

 Please contact me for any other price information. Most likely I will beat all other offers.

Also here is my favorite link to the world of taxidermy.